The Curse of the H.M.S Constantine


Towards the end of the Golden Age of Piracy, 8 pirate captains met for a secret meeting. The captains knew that the world was changing, and they needed to stash away their loot before they were captured. The pirates loaded up the fastest ship in their fleet, The H.M.S Constantine, with all their loot and set sail for a remote island. One of the pieces of loot was the “Tiara of Triton” a magical artifact that was said to control the tides. Each pirate captain gave one number of the code so no one pirate could open the safe. However, somewhere along the journey catastrophe struck and the ship never made it to its destination. The loot and the ship were lost to time until a recent archeological exploration into a Mayan ruin uncovered a map of the ships route. You have pinpointed the wreckage of the ship and are going to search the ship for the tiara with your team. If the legends are true, this exploration is going to be full of unexpected surprises.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Recommended Group Size: 3-8

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