About Us

Atlas Escape Rooms was born during a crazy time to provide some much needed fun. After half a decade of watching groups go through escape rooms, our owner has learned the recipe for success. We believe high-quality props are important, but the puzzles and flow of the room are what makes the experience. Just like a movie with a large special effects’ budget and no story is bound to fail, the same is true with our puzzles. Each puzzle is designed with a plot to maximize fun for all while immersing everyone in a unique story.

About the Owner

Landon is a native of Florida, the “Sunshine State” where winters are mild and no snow falls.  Landon received his degree from Florida State University and moved to New Orleans to begin his career.  Hot, steamy summers and the flat land of NOLA gave way to majestic Colorado, and the Front Range became home.  Over five years experience as a general manager in the entertainment business allowed Landon to watch thousands of guests attempt puzzles.  Using what he learned from his profession and incorporating his avid love of reading and fascination with creating new realms, Landon set out on a journey to design escape rooms that maximize enjoyment for the entire group.