Not Your Typical Escape Room

Atlas Escape Rooms specializes in handcrafted puzzles designed to keep the entire group immersed in the experience while maximizing the fun for everyone in the room. At Atlas we cultivate a puzzle experience unlike your typical escape room. We are more interested in the groups’ enjoyment throughout the whole experience than trying to overwhelm you with unnecessary bells and whistles. At Atlas we believe in well-designed puzzles that highlight the joy of solving the mysteries of the rooms.

After years of searching your group finds itself inside the lair of a powerful magician. It is known that this Magician possesses the last known Dragon Egg. You and your team must outsmart his puzzles and recover the egg before the guards are alerted. 

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Recommended Group Size: 3-8

After recovering the unreleased final album of the deceased rock star Larz Killz you must escape his puzzle filled mansion within 60 minutes to become sole owners of his estate. Decipher his left behind messages and outwit the eccentric rocker to become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Recommended Group Size: 2-8

You knew dating the head of research and development at Atlas Beverage might have consequences. You never thought you would be kidnapped and forced to solve puzzles about your past relationship. You have 1 hour to recover the antidote to an experimental poison you have been injected with. If that isn’t hard enough, you must find a way to escape the locked lab as well!

Difficulty: Hard

Recommended group size 3-8.